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Shenzhen Silu Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Silu Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Silu Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Silu Technology Co., Ltd
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: SILU
No. of Employees: 50~100
Annual Sales: 2,000,000.00-6,000,000.00
Year Established: 2016
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
About Us

Shenzhen SILU Technology Co., Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in LED video wall, LED display and related visualization products. Our company integrates LED research and development, production and engineering, and has many years of experience and ability in research and development, production and maintenance of various LED screen products.

Silu company has a wide range of products, ranging from Small pixel pitch LED displays, Indoor and outdoor rental LED displays, outdoor fixed advertising LED displays, Stadium perimeter LED displays, Transparent LED curtain displays, which are widely used in advertising, securities, stations, highways, airports, hospitals, banks, stadiums, sports venues, TV stations, control rooms, theatres and other industries. Because of its complete system, stable operation and high quality, it is well popular and widely used by customers and partners.

In order to meet the market`s demand for energy-saving and environmental protection LED products, we constantly improve the level of automation of production technology and equipment, strengthen market management awareness and service concept, and strive to promote the application of ultra-bright LED visualization products in the process of human green lighting source.

We are committing to provide professional products and solutions for every user all of the worlds. We not only provide our customers and partners with high-quality LED visualization products but also provide with excellent sale and after-sale services and technical support.


Shenzhen Silu Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2016, is headquartered in Shenzhen City and Hongkong, China.

Silu is a global leader in the design, production, distribution, and service of digital LED displays, video walls, and visualization products worldwide.

Silu has gained significant market share in fine pitch LED and offers indoor, outdoor, fixed, and creative displays, as well as other ancillary and lighting solutions for the urban environment.

Our products have been widely used in various applications, for instance, broadcast rooms, sports arenas, stadiums, advertisement networks, retail digital signage, control rooms, exhibitions, large scale events and digital cultural experiences.

Customer Relations

Hotline: +86-13717004700
Workingline: +86-755-23243136
Email: saga@atsilu.com


  • COB technology LED display and 4 LEDs in 1 narrow pixel pitches LED video wall displays delivery to customers
  • Soft & flexible 240mmx120mm LED modules begin to sell
  • Silu focus on the research and development on small pixel pitch UHD LED video walls


  • The first-time customer satisfaction investigation on after-sale service for LED products showing more than 90% satisfaction with product quality and service
  • Silu`s 1.875mm, 2.0mm private 240mmx240mm LED module displays are chosen, accepted, and recognized by customers
  • Silu gets the new orders over 500m² LED displays from the Thai Garden, range cover 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 16mm.
  • Silu`s rental and staging LED display products starting to sell to the markets
  • Silu earns "quality and reliable" honours from TV Technology, Video Edge, Digital Video, Government Video, and Sound and Video Contractor


  • Silu became the company in LED field to pass the 6 million turn-over mark
  • Silu designs and produces new series 2.0mm pixel pitch LED display to Nongnooch Garden featuring a large 4k video wall
  • AOC selects Silu LED displays for sets for the Lima stadium in Peru
  • Announcement of Silu outdoor dual-backup LED display with new capabilities for fixed digital billboard customers


  • Silu technology company and team establishing.


Strive to the World's Leader in LED Product Provider of Visual Experiences

Making the World More Visual

Headquarters unforgettable and useful visuals that thrive in our customer environments has always been our passion. We give our customers the ability to see: the imagery, the data, the advertising, the movie, the show, the presentation, the dashboard, the game. In this way, display technology creates experiences.

We Design With You In Mind

At Silu, we know our customers have brands to build, companies to run, entertainment to create, and their own customers to delight. And those efforts require the highest quality, reliability, and visual performance. The display of information and imagery is central to the experiences we help enable and the business results that are produced.

Experience and Expertise Second to None

With decades of experience in LED, flat panel display technology, projection, and processing, we bring deep technology expertise to big visualization challenges. We help you understand the technology options available to you and bring the latest and best offerings to bear.

Worldwide and Everywhere

You may not realize it, but chances are good you`ve already had your eyes on a Silu LED display. We believe you`ll find Silu on television sets, in public venues like airports and train stations, in corporate offices, retail stores, and on broadcast sets, all over the world.

With strong global operations that include Asia, North America, Europe we can satisfy the needs of global customers.

Customer Relations

Hotline: +86-13717004700
Workingline: +86-755-23243136
Email: saga@atsilu.com

Our Team

Be a Member of Silu Team

Look all around you and you'll notice that we're on the forefront of a revolution. With our leading-edge technologies and a strong market position in exciting markets, this is an ideal time to be a part of this industry and to join the Silu team as we help shape the way people think about and use visualization technologies now and into the future.

Make Things Happen

In this fast-paced industry, we value team members that are committed to making things happen and working as a team. We put the success of our customers first and provide them with unparalleled solutions, responsiveness, and innovation.

We take our jobs seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously to have some fun at work. We set our standards high, we are accountable for our work, and we recognize all our colleagues have lives outside work. We do not like drama, unless it's on the big screen, and encourage everyone here to work collaboratively. We win together rather than at the expense of each other. We state our views out loud, actively support decisions, and drive towards our goals. We do it the right way - ethically and with integrity-with a relentless pursuit of driving improvement. We have customers to delight, markets to impress, and an ever-changing technology landscape to navigate-we don`t have time for anything less than our best.

We invite you to take a look around our Careers pages and explore our opportunities, what it's like to work at Silu, and how we strive to reward and retain talented people.

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